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CHRONOS Info Ltd is a small, private Hi-Tech consulting, training and engineering company with providing ITC, marketing, training, consulting and engineering services, management consulting and business development services in Croatia and in developing and transition countries in South East Europe.

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Our publications

Within the project "Dissemination and implementation of curing and prevention of corruption approach at local government level" that is conducted by Chronos Info we gained concession for   translation and publishing, and we have translated and published manuals on preventing corruption: the book "Corrupt Cities - a practical guide for curing and prevention of corruption ", and two manuals,“Restore the health of your organization“ - the first book - "Concepts and Strategies" and second book – „The instruments for facilitation process“.

"Corrupt Cities" is written by Ronald MacLean Abaroa, former mayor of La Pas, Bolivia, Robert Klitgaard and Lindsey Parris. This publication will play an important role in teaching project participants about how to perform analysis of complex social systems. Insisting on a relationship between institutions and character traits of individuals, the authors offer participants valuable instruments that will help them understand how these two key components of human society overlap and interact.

Manuals "Restore the health of your organization 1 and 2",of the authors Fred Fisher, Ana Vasilache and Nicole Rata, which will issue its comprehensive approach and practical examples used in the grueling fight against corruption as a good tool for understanding corruption, and operational and effective detection and removal tool for corruptive practices.
“Renew the health of your organization, instruments for the facilitation process" explains the concepts, activities and processes such as:

  • Mechanisms and processes of corruption, the knowledge required to work in local governments.
  • Group strength
  • Planning activities and mobilizing resources
  • Establishing diagnosis
  • Enforcement activities
  • Stabilization and Prevention
  • Facilitation
  • Mediation
  • Monitoring
  • Transformation of Conflict
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Our publications


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