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CHRONOS Info Ltd is a small, private Hi-Tech consulting, training and engineering company with providing ITC, marketing, training, consulting and engineering services, management consulting and business development services in Croatia and in developing and transition countries in South East Europe.

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Feasibility study and study of recent situation of Local Area Network (LAN) of the Faculty of Agriculture

FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE, University of Zagreb January, 2003 – May 2003

Development and implementation of Local Area Network (LAN) for Faculty of Agriculture

Faculty Of Agriculture, University of Zagreb March, 2004 – October 2004

Technical Assistance to the Management of Sandzak Economic Development Agency, SEDA, Novi Pazar, South Serbia;

UNDP/ILO, Geneva, Regional Office Zagreb, Croatia May 2004 – July, 2004

Feasibility study on improving internet access to the students of Faculty of Agriculture

Faculty Of Agriculture, University of Zagreb – EU TEMPUS ProgramOctober, 2005 – March, 2006

Consulting Services On Project Design For Reconstruction of the Local Area Network (LAN)In Brodarski Institute in frame of Proposed Science and Technology Project and Technical Assistance Project for Institutional and Regulatory Reform for Private Sector Development (Loan No. 4460-HR, TAL 2)

Ministry Of Science, Education And Sports, Croatia and World Bank may, 2005 – November, 2005

Process Performance Change Program (PPC) – Bilateral Co-operation and Foreign Trade, An international qualification program for executives and young professionals in South Eastern Europe, conducted jointly by Croatian and German experts

Croatian Employers Association September, 2004 – January, 2005

An international qualification program for executives and young professionals in South Eastern Europe, conducted jointly by Croatian and German experts

Four practical-oriented three-day workshops dedicated to improve company business performance, with following objectives:

  • Enhancing core competencies and improving internal processes of companies regarding foreign trade activities
  • The participants as project leaders have successfuly completed minimum one individual project on the job and thereby improved company performance.

Between workshops there was need to provide support and coaching sessions for the implementation of individual projects covering

  • Overal company performance check with respect to foreign trade
  • Instruments for a comprehensive company analysis
  • Composing an effective project proposal
  • Project planing and project simulation
  • Continuous Change and improvement Process
  • Controlling and steering the processes

Ensuring know-how sustainability

Technical support and consulting services for IPA Instrument and Community Programmes for Public and Private sector

Croatian Employers Association September 2004 – June, 2005

A series of one day seminars on development, submitting and managing EC projects designed to give an introduction to Funding Programmes of the European Union and taking participants deep into the practical issues of Project development.

  • History of the European common policies
  • Short introduction to the funding system of European Union
  • Detailed introduction to institutional supports and Community Programmes
    • Pre-accesion instruments
    • Structural and Cohesion Funds
    • Community Programmes
    • Community Initiatives
  • Information sources, how to find relevant document on the net, NCP
  • Developing a project proposal, practical experience and useful tips
    • Finding the relevant call for proposal
    • Preparation of proposal
    • Partner search, building the consortium
    • Filling out administrative forms in practice
    • Filling out technical forms in practice
    • Work packages, Deliverables list
    • Budget, cost models and categories, cost-benefit analysis, reporting
  • How to submit R&D proposals, environmental and training proposals
  • Financial and administrative condition of EC project proposals
  • From the submissions of proposals till signing the contract
    • Evaluation of proposals, evaluation procedure
    • Main aspects and criteria for evaluation
    • Negotiation procedure, signing the contract with the Commission
    • Project implementation

Workshop – developing your own project proposal

Stimulating investment in Macedonia - Training and Consulting Services on “Mapping of investment and development potential in Macedonian municipalities

Ministry Of Economy Republic Of Macedonia, MACInvest September, 2005 – November 2006

Empowerment of women entrepreneurs, by supporting the revitalization of the traditional Handicraft Sector in Northern Albania

ILO – UNDP November, 2005 – December 2006

RECCO, Regional Development through Competence and Co-Operation

Croatian Association of Management Consultants November, 2005 – December 2006

Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Monenegro Establishment of Business Service Centres (BSC) in South Eastern Europe (SEE) This BSC Network is to be launched within the frame of Stability Pact for SEE. Associate partners in the RECCO Program are the German Federal Foreign Office (sponsoring), InWEnt gGmbH (overall program management on behalf of Foreign office), ILTIS (program coordination and realization on behalf of InWEnt), and local partners in the region (operative realization and local project management).


  • Enhancing economic regioanl co-operation through joint development and supply of business services to the SME sector
  • Promoting bilateral co-operation and foreign trade in the region
  • Sharing the good practice and raising competitiveness

Creating “Shop-window“ for every country:

  • presentation of selected branches, e.g. automotive, wood-processing industry, textile industry, agro food, tourism etc.
  • presentation of supporting economic organizations, e.g. (inter)national chambers, business associations, financial institutions
  • Editing of selected topics, e.g. trade fairs in Croatia, telecommunications in Serbia, media and PR in Macedonia etc. presentation of single companies / contact initiation (paid advertisements, companies take out a subscription for one year)

“Technical Assistance to the Serbian Democratic Forum for the Expansion of the Economic Development Program”.


Strategic Plan for the Long Term Development of Existing Free Zones in Croatia

MINISTRY OF ECONOMY REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, CARDS Program November 2005 – September 2007

CARDS National Action Programme for Croatia 2004

Support to maximise the socio-economic development effects of Sveto Brdo Mountain Tourism Resort for Lika-senj County.

Small and medium –size Enterprise Development – Government and Private Sector – An EU funded prroject managed by the European Agency for Reconstruction

Ministry of Economy, Agency for Entrepreneurship Promotion, Macedonia October 2006 – June 2007 2007

The strategic objective of the project is to support the economic growth and improve the business climate in the country through fostering development and performance of SMEs and providing support to key sectors of economy.

The specific objectives of the project have been divided into three broad activity areas:

Component I: SME Policy Support: Institutional capacity building, to improve the SME operational environment through strengthening the capacity of the Ministry of Economy, the Agency for Entrepreneurship Promotion and the existing SME support infrastructure in the country.

Component II: SME Support Measures: Non-financial Support Measures targeting certain SMEs and/or SME sectors; implementation of the existing measures and projects already developed by the previous EU financed SME development Project; development of new programmes/ interventions that provide non-financial services to SMEs and key SME sectors.

Component III: Public – Private Dialogue : To assist in the improvement of the dialogue between the Government and the business sector on enterprise development policies and legislation, by strengthening existing and/or building new mechanisms for continuous communication between the public and private sector.

Global and specific objectives The international STE for training workshops for IPA funding (ISTE IPATrng) will operate in line with the ToR of this project for Component I / Result I.4: Capacity building for the SME support infrastructure.

The global objective of the assignment is to prepare the SME support infrastructure for the transition from grant funding by donor agencies to accessing IPA and other structural funds of the EU for co-financed development projects.

The assignment has as its specific objectives in terms of :Preparing and delivering five training workshops:

  • One Advanced IPA training for MoE, APPRM and other government institutions, as a follow-up measure to a training held in December;
  • Two basic IPA training workshops for regional centres, LEDOs, regional Chambers
  • One basic IPA training for consultants

One basic IPA training for Government officials, Chambers and private sector organisations from Skopje

Technical support and consulting services for IPA Instrument and Community Programmes for Public and Private sector, EU financing instruments, Project Cycle Management

EBRD TAM BAS Chamber of Commerce Macedonia July 2008 – March 2009


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