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Round table about preventing and healing corruption

Round table for presentation of the book „Corrupt cities“ and promotion of the project „Curing and preventing corruption at local Governments' level“

Round table about preventing and healing corruption was held in Novinarski dom, Zagreb, on Thursday, July 3rd 2008, as an occasion to present Croatian edition of the book “Corrupt Cities“ written by Robert Klitgaard, Ronald MacLean Abaroa i Lindsey H. Parris, and the promotion of the project „Curing and preventing corruption at local Governments' level“.

Various topics regarding corruption, like corruption in Croatia and international experiences, public performances and legal framework, published book and anticorruption project implementation were discussed by present experts:

  • Josip Kregar, Faculty of law, Zagreb University
  • Branko Bošnjak, Academy of local democracy
  • Zorislav Antun Petrović, Transparency International Croatia
  • Vanja Škorić, GONG
  • Anton Florijan Barišić, Chronos Info
  • Nataša Đurković, deputy director USKOKa
  • Antun Palarić, State secretary, Central state office for governance
  • Marina Dujmović Vuković, State secretary, Ministry of justice
 g.Anton Florijan Barisic
g.Anton Florijan Barišić

„Curing and preventing corruption at local Governments' level“ is project that deals with issues of curing and preventing corruption in local government units and ensures suggestions how to initiate such a process, offers practical approaches to capacity building for returning local Governments' health, increasing income and improving providing services, reducing poverty and social excluding, promoting ethical standards and practices.

Project included translation of the book “Corrupted cities” that was presented, and also two manuals “Restore the health of your organization 1 and 2“, written by Fred Fisher, Ana Vasilache and Nicole Rata, that will be useful in exhausting fight against corruption with holistic approach to the topic and powerful tools for understanding corruption and operative and effective corrupt practice identification and elimination.

Akademija lokalne demokracije čija je zadaća stručno usavršavanje imenovanih i On project realization in Croatia, some of respectful organizations work together: Transparency International Croatia and GONG, Academy of local democracy, Association of management consultants, Croatian Euro-Atlantic club and consultant firm CHRONOS Info.
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