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CHRONOS Info Ltd is a small, private Hi-Tech consulting, training and engineering company with providing ITC, marketing, training, consulting and engineering services, management consulting and business development services in Croatia and in developing and transition countries in South East Europe.

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Medvedgradska 35
10000 Zagreb, Croatia

+385 1 46 670 59
+385 1 46 675 62
+385 1 46 669 77

May 2007

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Enterprise Europe News Update:

WORKSHOP: ICT standardization policy, INOVATION: Caching up, SMEs: Progress on combating late payments

OECD Forum Newsletter

Latest News from OECD FORUM, April 2007, Issue 6

European Federation of Management Consultancies Associations

Invitation to the European Federation of Management Consultancies Associations (FEACO) conference in Poland, from 4th to 5th October.

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