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CHRONOS Info Ltd is a small, private Hi-Tech consulting, training and engineering company with providing ITC, marketing, training, consulting and engineering services, management consulting and business development services in Croatia and in developing and transition countries in South East Europe.

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July 2007


CHRONOS Info representative attended an education in the frame of the project on Corporate Social Responsibility which has been organized by the Association of Management Consultants (AMC) in cooperation with the partner organizations MAP consulting and UNDP in October 2006. Experts of different specializations in cooperation have created five modules on key aspects of social responsibility:

Module 1: Introduction in Social responsibility and business ethics
Module 2: Social responsibility for sustainable development and environment protection
Module 3: Socially responsible managing human resources and affirmation of human rights in working environment
Module 4: Socially responsible investing into community
Module 5: How to organize reporting on Social responsibility and sustainable development?

CHRONOS Info's consultant participated on all the five seminar modules held during March and May this year. After each module participants took part in focus group and carried out their impressions about the seminar for the PULS agency research. All the modules were very highly rated and improved by the suggestions of the pilot’s participants. Within the workshops the participants were pleased to review the existing sustainability reports, social responsibility reports and reports on environment protection of several Croatian companies.

Here, on our web site we bring you our consultant's review of Sustainable development report of Swiss company Holcim's branch, Holcim Croatia from the year 2004.linked to the fifth module: How to organize reporting on Social responsibility and sustainable development?

Holcim Company is one of the worlds leading cement, concrete aggregate and construction services provider; in Croatia there is one Holcim cement factory, two cement terminals, six concrete factories and one aggregate quarry. Currently they employ 350 people. You can find Holcim company’s report, together with other company’s reports on Croatian business council for sustainable development web site

New project in CHRONOS Info

In the framework of CARDS National Action Programme for Croatia 2004, CHRONOS Info is one of the partners in the project Support to maximise the socio-economic development effects of Sveto Brdo Mountain Tourism Resort for Lika-senj County, together with Municipality of Lovinac, Lika-senj county authorities Project objective is to contribute to the sustainable return of refugees and to the general social and economic welfare of the Lika-Senj County, through inclusion of all sectors of society and economy in major development projects. Strategically the proposal is directly in accordance with the overall CARDS 2002-2004 programme which seeks to support the funding of regional development projects (in particular infrastructure investments and business development measures in the counties). Improved capacity and capability of farmers, businesses and potential employees to make the Lika-senj economy benefit from large scale investment projects such as the Sveto Brdo Mountain Tourism Resort and in particular through the use of public-private sector partnership measures. More information about the project is to find under page PROJECTS

The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) news

Join us in Dublin for the 11th World Congress of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI). This Congress will be jointly hosted by ICMCI and its member in Ireland, Institute of Management Consultants and Advisers. In addition to the informative and thought-provoking business meetings, several interesting partner events have been planned.

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